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Quilt raffle to benefit Seward Mariners’ Memorial

posted Feb 18, 2014, 1:06 PM by Eric Bilyou
What began as a mariners’ compass rose quilting class morphed itself into a full size quilt and then donated to the Seward Mariners’ Memorial for use as a fundraiser.

Skilled members of the Seward Area Quilters invested approximately 14 hours in their creation featuring the memorial lighthouse replica surrounded by Celtic knots. The border of the quilt is comprised of 14 marines’ compass rose blocks carefully sewn by 14 different quilters, each adding their unique touch.

Even though many quilters were involved in the project, members Tammy Nicolas, Adam Bauer and Donna Glenz did the lion’s share of the work, according to Sue Magyar, who has been with the group for many years.

Glenz and Nicolas hatched the original concept. Nicolas found a paper-piecing pattern for the compass rose, which is sewn on to paper. The paper is removed from the back of the blocks and used as the basic block pattern.  After teaching the class, Nicolas and Glenz thought what better way to display their new-found talent than a Mariners’ Memorial quilt to help fund completion of the project that currently consists of a lighthouse replica surrounded by a compass rose. The site is located on the south harbor uplands and overlooks Resurrection Bay.

Glenz magically sewed all the pieces together and Adam Bauer sewed the applique of the lighthouse and Celtic knots.

Compass rose blocks were sewn by Marsha Vincent, Jody Nelson, Deb Crosby, Tracy Squires, Sheila Squires, Kathy Shipe, Becky Buchanan, Tina Markiel, Susan Olson, Chris Houck, Joyce Simpson, Nicolas, Glenz and Magyar.

The Mariners’ quilt is one of 20-to-30 service quilts the group donates a year. The quilt made its debut at the Seward Polar Bear Jumpoff quilt show January 18. Tickets are $5 and remain on sale until the drawing May 17, 9 p.m. during the  Harbor Opening dance upstairs at Chinook’s. Seward Rotary is donating the use of their gaming permit.
Eric Bilyou,
Feb 18, 2014, 1:06 PM